Food Service Administration, A.A.S., Major # 0570

This program has been deactivated and students will no longer be admitted to the major.  Currently enrolled students will complete the degree in accordance with the approved teach-out plan.

Food Service Administration is a ThinkPad University curriculum in which the use of laptop computers is integrated into courses.

Food Service Administration emphasizes a sequence of management courses which includes food service and hotel operations. In addition, students take food and beverage merchandising as well as several national certification courses. Students also work in The Copper Turret Restaurant operated in the village of Morrisville during the fourth semester. The Copper Turret is a full service tavern and upscale dining facility where the students rotate through positions in the front of the house.

This program has been designed for students who seek entry-level management positions in the Food Service field, or who have the desire to obtain a baccalaureate degree in this area. The program contains state-of-the-art facilities, top-rated instructors, and provides an emphasis on the customer service philosophy in all types of hospitality operations. Students are required to purchase a uniform. Graduates find positions in entry-level management positions in restaurants, schools, public and private colleges, other noncommercial and private food service organizations including hotels, resorts, casinos, and convention venues.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon Successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Understand and define basic management theories common to all types of food service operations.

  • Identify and illustrate the basic elements of equipment design and layout in food service facilities.

  • Possess an extensive business portfolio that displays an up to date resume, cover letter, skill set, work philosophy, career goals and shows extensive work samples.

  • Demonstrate basic culinary skills and apply those skills in a commercial kitchen operation

  • Recognize proper food handling procedures and demonstrate through a national certification exam, a high level of knowledge regarding food service safety and sanitation.

  • Explain basic concepts involved in marketing and how they can be applied to food service operations to facilitate financial objectives.

  • Demonstrate the ability to work in a full-service restaurant setting in positions in both the front of the restaurant, and back of the restaurant.

  • Calculate recipe and menu cost, create work schedules, order products, and demonstrate the delivery of exceptional customer service.

  • Exhibit a comprehensive working knowledge of restaurant operations management.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of purchasing in the hospitality industry by writing food and non-food specifications, applying purchasing practices, interpreting market trends, using new technology applications, and analyzing operational cost control.

Curriculum Requirements - 62-63 Credits



FSAD 101 - Quantity Food Prep & Service


FSAD 120 - Applied Food Service Sanitation


FSAD 153 - Fundamentals of Hospitality Management


FSAD 154 - Equipment Selection & Layout


FSAD 201 - Summer Co-op


TOUR 251 - Cooperative Work Experience


FSAD 205 - Food & Beverage Merchandise & Management


CAS 240 - Hospitality Sales & Marketing


FSAD 255 - Food Purchasing & Cost Control


FSAD 257 - Senior Seminar


FSAD 258 - Restaurant Management & Operations


TOUR 105 - Introduction to the Travel Tourism & Hospitality Industry


TOUR 153 - Hotel Operations


NUTR 108 - Nutrition I


ACCT - Accounting as Advised


OFFT 110 - Introduction to Spreadsheet Software


COMP - as Advised


SUNY General Education Credits as Advised


General Elective as Advised