Agricultural Human Resources Management Minor

This minor provides students with an understanding of the many aspects of human behavior in the workplace of production agriculture. A wide range of topics including labor laws, human resource management, hiring, developing, training and retaining employees, workplace psychology, policy development, and leadership are covered within this minor. Specific emphasis is placed on H2A (agricultural work visas), seasonal, and migrant employees. Housing, OSHA, labor, and Workers Compensation Audits will also be covered.  This minor requires 15 credits, with at least 9 credits hours in the upper-division.

Student Learning Outcomes:

Upon Successful completion of this minor students will be able to:

  • Conduct job analysis and develop job position/job descriptions within production agriculture settings.

  • Understand human behavior in workplace settings, the variables which impact employees and their productive efficiency, and develop strategies to improve productive human relations in such settings.

  • Correctly hire, train, retain, motivate, and dismiss employees within production agriculture (H2A, migrant, and seasonal employees).

  • Manage employee relations, compensation, and performance management within multicultural settings.

  • Understand human resource laws for American born and international employees (H2A, migrant, seasonal employees).

  • Understand the federal, state, and local policy process.

  • Implement federal labor laws, housing, and OSHA laws/regulations within the workplace

  • Become familiar (or more familiar) with basic structure and vocabulary of the Spanish language.

  • Recognize and integrate various cultural practices within the workplace, particularly the Hispanic culture.

Curriculum Requirements



PSYC 304 - Industrial/Organizational Psychology


BSAD 310 - Human Resources Management


AGBS 410 - Agricultural Human Resource Management


AGBS 450 - Agricultural Policy & Development


SPAN - Spanish or Foreign Language as Advised


AGBS/BSAD - BSAD 116 or AGBS 100 or AGBS 110 or as Advised