College Community

Student Affairs

The staff in the Student Affairs Division focus on developing an engaging community, supporting student success, and engaging in diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. Our Mustang community is representative of many ages, backgrounds, cultures, and experiences.

A wide range of activities and services for all students complement and enhance the educational experience. The following Departments are all key parts of the Student Affairs Division: Athletics & Intramurals; Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion; the Health Center; Residence Life; Student Activities; Student Rights & Responsibilities; Title IX; and University Police.

Athletics & Intramurals

Athletics at SUNY Morrisville are as much a part of college as academics. We believe the total college experience should be a balance of activities both in and out of the classroom. We offer the opportunity for students to get involved in a variety of intercollegiate and intramural activities.

Morrisville is a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division III and administers 17 intercollegiate athletic teams. 

The student-athletes who wear green and white for the Morrisville Mustangs are part of a proud tradition of team competition and enjoy a school spirit that fosters a dedicated following, and an equal commitment to a tradition of academic and athletic excellence.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The staff of the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is dedicated to creating and supporting an environment that promotes diversity in all forms. The college carries out this initiative through international coffee hours, cultural fairs, International Education Week activities, student clubs and organizations, and much more.

Each year the Sheila Johnson Institute (SJI) awards grants to faculty and staff that fund opportunities for students who promote leadership and diversity. SJI also provides matching funds for the Empire State Diversity Honors Scholarship Program, CSTEP, STEP, and EOP, all of which benefit students from historically underrepresented backgrounds.

Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities

The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities (OSRR) promotes a campus climate where community members feel safe and secure in their environment to engage in their academic program of study and socialize in a safe and responsible manner.

The OSRR is responsible for communicating the College's behavioral expectation via enforcement of the Student Code of Conduct and other college policies. This is accomplished through the judicial system that is educational and progressive, as it seeks to educate students about the consequences of their behavior by holding them accountable for the choices they make. It is progressive in sanctioning in that students who continue to make poor choices and violate the Student Code of Conduct or College policies, regardless of severity, are held accountable and may be removed from the College community, if deemed necessary.

OSRR goals:

  • To address student misconduct through a multi-partial, educational, judicial system.
  • To promote a positive, safe, and civil campus climate.
  • To treat students in a fair and respectful manner.
  • To educate the campus community on the Student Code of Conduct, judicial processes, and restorative justice processes.

SUNY Morrisville utilizes Maxient, a secure, web-based application for Case Management for administering the Campus Judicial Process. The application will send you important notifications. The emails will come from "" These are authentic emails from the application. They are not SPAM or phishing attempts. Please add them to your contacts so you won't miss any important updates. These notifications will come to your SUNY Morrisville email only.

In addition to a brief explanation, the body of the email will contain a link to your notification letter. You will access your letter through a login page, using your SUNY Morrisville username and password.

Once logged in to the Maxient portal, you can access your letter, which will be a PDF document. Print or download and save the letter for your records.

Residence Life

As a college of agriculture and technology, SUNY Morrisville is a unique educational institution combining technical and academic offerings in a residential campus setting. Residence Life at SUNY Morrisville provides a comfortable living environment with a range of resident halls including double rooms, suites, apartments with full kitchens, single rooms and quiet-study halls. Residence halls provide an opportunity for autonomy and affiliation in a supportive environment and serve as centers for organized social, cultural and educational activities.

Student Activities

Your Student Activities Office offers a variety of academic, cultural, recreational and social programs, events and opportunities for students to participate in at SUNY Morrisville. The office encourages all students, new and returning, to get involved in clubs and organization and activities, there is something for everyone!

The staff is ready to assist and advise students in many areas. Student Activities produces the Co-Curricular Transcripts, and develops and/or participates in organizing many of the programs and services that occur throughout the school year, including Welcome Weekend and Mustang Weekend.

The Student Activities program includes more than 30 clubs, 10 organizations, intramurals, open recreation, theater, music and numerous events and services implemented throughout the Student Government Organization (SGO) and the Campus Activities Board (CAB). Events and programs offer alcohol and drug free alternates for students. The mandatory student activity fee supports these programs and events.

There is never a reason to be bored at Morrisville; there is always something to do. We offer movies, basketball tournaments, dances, live performers, game shows, plays, concerts and soccer tournaments; just to name a few events.

Check out our events list for a complete list of events with dates and times. Weekends and nights are worth staying around for; see what we have to offer.

The Student Activities Office offers students the opportunity to enhance or start their Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT). Students that participate in worthwhile campus or off-campus activities may complete a CCT that can serve as a valuable supplement to your college transcript for scholarships, awards, and future job searches. The CCT is an official record that is verified by either an advisor or supervisor listing the various developmental activities outside the classroom. Activities that can be put on your CCT are leadership development, professional and educational development, awards, honors and recognitions, student organizations, club and activity participation, community service, intercollegiate athletics and peer advising.

Student Government Organization

The Student Government Organization (SGO) is an integral part of Student Activities at SUNY Morrisville, serving the entire student body. SGO’s goals are to promote the general welfare of the student body, to stimulate interest in and support activities contributing to cultural, social, educational and physical improvement, and to establish a just college community.

SGO supports many programs and events on campus including the Music Department, Theatre Department, Mustang Radio, Campus Activities Board (CAB), Mustang Outreach and Volunteer Efforts (MOVE), Norwich Campus Activities Board (N-CAB), Intramurals, Open Recreation and the clubs.  There are many clubs and organizations at SUNY Morrisville that students may participate in depending on their interests and career objectives.  Participation in co-curricular activities will enrich students total college and life experiences.  The best way to discover more about a single group is to attend a meeting, visit the club advisor or inquire at the Student Activities Office. 

SGO funds many educational and social activities during the year such as dances, intramurals, and performers. They achieve this with funds gathered through the Mandatory Student Activity Fee. SGO maintains an off-campus housing list as an alternative to living in the residence halls.

Get involved with SGO and help make your experience here at SUNY Morrisville successful and memorable.