Food service Administration (FSAD)

FSAD 100.  Global and Ethnic Foods.  (3 Credits)  

Presents food and cultural topics to Food majors and Travel and Tourism students. Lecture and laboratory sections will allow students to investigate sources of information and achieve hands-on experience with ethnic foods. Students will gain an appreciation of the importance of various foods in the tourism industry. This course has an associated lab fee. 3 credits (1 lecture hour/week, 4 lab hours/week), fall semester

FSAD 101.  Quantity Foods Preparatn &Serv.  (3 Credits)  

An introduction to basic procedures and techniques for quantity food preparation as well as institutional food service equipment (use and maintenance). Also includes sanitation and math competency. 3 credits (1 lecture hour, 3 laboratory hours, 15 hours volume food service), fall semester

FSAD 102.  Applied Food Servic Sanitation.  (1 Credit)  

A comprehensive course in food service sanitation designed to lead to national certification as a food service handler by the Education Foundation of the National Restaurant Association. 1 credit (15 lecture hours per semester), fall semester

FSAD 153.  Management I.  (3 Credits)  

Basic management theories and principles common to all types of hospitality operations. Organization and management, the management process, leadership, objectives, policies and ethics, communications and discipline. Case studies and critical review of current management literature. 3 credits (3 lecture hours), spring semester

FSAD 154.  Equipment Selection & Layout.  (3 Credits)  

Analysis of factors for selection of equipment according to type of food service, comparative evaluation of equipment, purchase specifications. Each student develops a prospectus for a given food service operation and makes a schematic layout. 3 credits, spring semester

FSAD 200.  Internship in Customer Service.  (3 Credits)  

Customer service laboratory experience in conjunction with state or national hospitality operations. A field based experience providing food service administration, culinary arts, restaurant management, and travel/tourism majors with an opportunity to apply their knowledge in a customer service environment. Student experience supervised by faculty. 3 credits, (1 lecture hour, 6 lab hours) spring semester

FSAD 201.  Cooperative Summer Work.  (2 Credits)  

Summer work in an approved job in the food service industry, preferably in the area of specialization. Comprehensive written report required at the end of the work period. Work is evaluated by the college and employers. 2 credits, fall semester

FSAD 205.  Food& Beverage Merchandise Mgt.  (4 Credits)  

Students learn principles of motivating personnel, merchandising products and advertising of various types of food service units, meal management techniques involving menu planning, recipe development, staffing, training, safety, purchasing and production. Student projects involve producing an actual menu form which integrates knowledge gained in a laboratory setting. 4 credits (1 lecture hour, 6 laboratory hours), fall semester.

FSAD 222.  Certification Food Safety Mgt.  (1 Credit)  

A comprehensive course in food safety management, designed to lead to national certification as a food safety manager by a nationally accredited program approved by the Conference for Food Protection, Certified Professional Food Manager from Prometric. Open to off-campus students only. Pre/co requisite: FSAD 102 or permission of the instructor. 1 credit (15 lecture hours), spring, summer, winter or fall semesters

FSAD 255.  Food Purchasing & Cost Control.  (4 Credits)  

Instruction in determining food products specifications, understanding distribution systems, supplier selection, specifications, and product knowledge. Also includes purchasing and inventory principles, as well as cost control. Prerequisites: FSAD 101 or CUL 101 4 credits (4 lecture hours), fall semester

FSAD 256.  Industrial Relations.  (3 Credits)  

Management of people at work, the dimensions of labor management and responsibilities. Labor-management relations. Role playing in collective bargaining. Internal and external union functioning. 3 credits (3 lecture hours), spring semester

FSAD 257.  Senior Seminar.  (1 Credit)  

Prepares students for entry into professional management. Portfolio development videotaped interviewing, discussion of technology and service strategies with experts from the industry, analysis and discussion of current trends are topics covered. 1 credit (1 lecture hour), spring semester

FSAD 258.  Restaurant Mgt & Operations.  (6 Credits)  

A comprehensive course in restaurant management, designed to show the importance of an actual, operational food-service unit including organization, planning, leading, directing, (supervising) and measuring products and people, with applied emphasis on food purchasing, cost control, food preparation and customer service, merchandising, menu planning, advertising, and managerial decision making. Prerequisites: FSAD 101 or CUL 101, FSAD 102 or instructor’s permission. 6 credits (1 lecture hour and 12 laboratory hours), spring semester

FSAD 259.  Introduction To Catering.  (3 Credits)  

A basic course in catering whose purpose is to supply what is needed for the planning and executing of functions on given dates and at specific locations where food is of prime importance. The entire management of an event, including menu preparation, scheduling workers (fellow students), merchandising, purchasing of materials (food & non-food items), and cost control. A true “hands-on” and involved course—customer driven. 3 credits (1 lecture hour, 2 laboratory hours)

FSAD 292.  Prof Food Service Mgt Cert.  (1 Credit)  

A comprehensive course in Professional Food Service Management Certification. This course reviews all aspects of managing a foodservice operation including customer service, food safety, restaurant math, purchasing, inventory control, beverage control, human resources, food production and service management, menu design and analysis, food service accounting and financial management. Designed to lead to national certification as a Professional food service manager by a nationally accredited program approved by the Conference for Food Protection, Certified Professional Food Manager from Prometric. Open to off-campus students only. Pre/co-requisite: FSAD 102 or permission of instructor 1 credit (15 lecture hours), fall, spring, summer, winter semesters

FSAD 293.  HACCP Management.  (2 Credits)  

A comprehensive course focusing on HACCP, the management system in which food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards from raw material production, procurement and handling, to manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the finished product. This class is a national certification course leading to Certified HACCP manager as defined by The National Sanitation Foundation, Conference for Food Protection and Prometric. Pre/co requisite: FSAD 102, or FSAD 222, or permission of instructor Open to off-campus students only. 2 credits, (30 lecture hours), fall, spring, summer, winter semesters