Nutrition (NUTR)

NUTR 108.  Basic Nutrition.  (3 Credits)  

Fundamentals of human nutrition including biological pathways of nutrients from digestion to metabolism. Computer analysis of personal nutrient intake. Emphasis on nutrition and consumer trends as well as personal wellness and fitness. 3 credits (3 lecture hours), fall and spring semester

NUTR 110.  Nutrition I.  (3 Credits)  

Nutrient and food energy needs of the human biological system. Body processes in the digestion, absorption and utilization of nutrients. Dietary guides for planning nutritionally balanced menus. Prerequisite: Admission into the Exercise Science or Nursing programs, or permission of the instructor, is required. 3 credits (3 lecture hours), fall and spring semester.

NUTR 250.  Sports Nutrition.  (3 Credits)  

Application of basic nutrition principles in the development of a total wellness and fitness program and the impact of nutrition on physical activity. Assessment of levels of physiological fitness and nutritional well-being. Prescriptive requirements for nutritional intervention in a total fitness program. Nutrient needs for fitness through the life cycle. Evaluation of current research data regarding nutrition intervention and practices for total health and physical well- being. Prerequisite: C or better in NUTR 108 or 110 3 credits (3 lecture hours), spring semester