Tourism (TOUR)

TOUR 101.  Tourism And Geography.  (3 Credits)  

This course approaches geography from a travel industry perspective. Basic geographic regions, country locations, and landmarks of significance to the travel industry are presented. 3 credits (3 lecture hours), fall semester

TOUR 106.  Travel-Tourism/Hospitality.  (3 Credits)  

This course is a basic introduction to the travel and tourism industry. The course explores the roles played by the various components of the industry including air transportation, maritime transportation, surface transportation, the hotel industry, the tourism industry wholesale and distribution companies and the food service segment. The course also explores potential career options available in the industry. The course focuses on team building. 3 credits (3 lecture hours), fall semester

TOUR 151.  Computerized Reservation Syste.  (3 Credits)  

Presents the concepts, procedures and formulas necessary for a working understanding of American Airline’s SABRE Computer Reservation System. Students practice what they learn in a simulated SABRE environment with intensive hands-on computer exercises, case studies and role playing, travel reservations and bookings, travel agency and airline accounting, and legal issues affecting both. 3 credit hours

TOUR 152.  Trav Ind Operations & Admin.  (3 Credits)  

Provides students with a basic understanding of travel agency and airline operations and administration as well as the legal environment of the travel industry. Topics include the role of ARC and IATAN, travel agency location and staffing, travel sales techniques and customer service skills are emphasized. 3 credits (3 lecture hours), spring semester

TOUR 153.  Hotel Operations.  (3 Credits)  

This course presents a systematic approach to front office procedures by detailing the flow of business through a hotel, from the reservations process to checkout and settlement. The course examines the various elements of effective front office management, paying particular attention to the planning and evaluation of operations and to human resource management. Front office procedures and management are placed within the context of the overall operation of a hotel. Certification by the American Hotel/Motel Association. 3 credits (3 lecture hours), spring semester

TOUR 200.  Internship in Customer Service.  (3 Credits)  

Customer service laboratory experience in conjunction with an approved restaurant or hospitality operation. A field experience providing food service administration, restaurant management, and travel/tourism majors with an opportunity to apply their knowledge in a customer service setting. 3 credits, fall semester, spring semester

TOUR 250.  Tourism Planning & Development.  (3 Credits)  

The goal of this course is to define the major concepts in tourism and to explore those factors influencing tourism. The course will also examine how the economic impact of tourism has become an important factor in the wealth of nations. Transportation Fee: $30 Prerequisites: TOUR 153 or permission of instructor 3 credits (3 lecture hours), fall semester

TOUR 251.  Cooperative Work Experience.  (2 Credits)  

Cooperative work experience will be completed in an approved position in the Travel-Tourism/Hospitality industry (320 hours). Comprehensive written and oral reports are required at the end of the work experience during the fall semester. 2 credits (2 lecture hours), fall semester

TOUR 252.  Meeting & Convention Services.  (3 Credits)  

Introduction to convention and group planning as it relates to the Hospitality Industry. This certificate course includes marketing the facility for various meetings and conventions, catered events, planning, cost controls, special services, technology implications, and sales. National Certification by the American Hotel and Lodging Association. 3 credits (3 lecture hours), spring semester

TOUR 253.  Travel Agency Operations.  (2 Credits)  

This course will provide a hands-on experience focusing on customer service for the retail travel industry. The class will take place at the SUNY Morrisville Travel Center utilizing SABRE. Prerequisites: TOUR 151 and TOUR 152 2 credits (4 hours recitation), fall and spring semester

TOUR 255.  Tourism Agency Operations.  (2 Credits)  

This course will provide the student with an advanced practical experience in tourism promotion agencies. The course will be taught in conjunction with a tourism-related business. Students will complete an externship. Prerequisites: TOUR 151 and TOUR 152 2 credits (4 laboratory hours), fall and spring semester

TOUR 390.  Cultural Immersion Intl Cuisin.  (3 Credits)  

This course is a full international cultural immersion. This special learning community coursework offers knowledge, exposure, and historical insight to international culture and cuisines. (The initial study abroad program is in Italy.) The particular aspects of regional ingredients and traditional cooking techniques along with the lifestyles and historic origins are discovered. Students will be guided to practice cultural relativism using a holistic approach and practice hands-on ethnographic research methods as they study the people, art, and food & wine regions of a country. Students will practice and develop interviewing, observing, recording and evaluating skills. Students will examine the indigenous lifestyles, family structure, foods and traditions, gender roles, religion, art, architecture, human rights and globalization. Being a conscientious world-traveler makes for a better hospitality professional. Pre and post-trip work will be assigned. Lectures will also take place abroad. (Currently presented by the partner institution, Apicius via the Florence University of the Arts.) Co-Requisite: ANTH 260 offered at TC3* Prerequisites: FSAD 100 or FSAD 101 or CUL 101, and TOUR 106, and TOUR 215 or FSAD 201. Permission of the Hospitality Technology Department. *Students enrolled in TOUR 390 will also be required to enroll in the Cultural Field Study Course at TC3 (our Study Abroad travel partners) which will run concurrently with TOUR 390 3 credits, spring semester