Agriculture & Natural Resource (AGNR)

AGNR 200.  Job Prep Skills & Resources.  (1 Credit)  

This course investigates career opportunities in the field of agriculture. Students learn how to prepare for a job interview in their specific field. They will prepare resumes, cover letters, and practice various types of interview skills. Prerequisite: Senior Standing 1 credit (2 hours lecture/seminar)

AGNR 399.  Research and Mgmt in Agr.  (4 Credits)  

Research and Management in Agriculture, Sustainability and Natural Resources A mentored independent study that allows a student the opportunity to conduct research, collect and analyze data and/or develop management plans or recommendations for management in Agricultural, Sustainability or Natural Resources projects. Upon conclusion of this class, the student will complete a comprehensive database, write a comprehensive report, conduct analytical research, develop a management plan, develop a poster presentation, and/or write or participate in the writing of a journal article. Projects are planned in coordination with a professor. Prerequisite: Junior or Senior Standing 1-4 credits (as arranged with the Professor), fall or spring semester

AGNR 400.  Instructional Assistance Exp.  (4 Credits)  

Designed to concentrate students’ knowledge in an Agriculture Science or Natural Resource discipline to the extent that they can convey that knowledge to associate degree level students. As part of their course work they will re-search class topics, lead discussions for 100 or 200 level course work, demonstrate practical applications during laboratory sessions, and assist the professor with class and lab preparation. Student is expected to meet regularly with a discussion or laboratory section, to gain instructional experience, and to regularly discuss course objectives, techniques, and subject matter with the Lead Faculty member. Prerequisite: “B” or better in the required course or by permission of the Instructor. 1-4 credits (as arranged with the Professor) fall or Spring Semester